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Message from Representative

Eagle One's mission is being bridge overseas venture companies and Japanese companies in the era of fusion and co-prosperity that is about to begin. The fact that excellent overseas venture companies have to take on the challenge, first is a reality that is different from what we know from overseas through market research. There are many things, such as the choice of partner company, how you can get real information, rules and cultural differences. Eagle One is supporting the expansion of business by utilizing the experience and know-how that we have cultivated over many years, especially for the strategies and overall management required by start-up companies with cutting-edge technology overseas. We provide support such as management policy and fund procurement, establishment of partnerships with Japanese companies, establishment of local corporations, and business operations. This is one of the themes of "overseas new technology x Japanese companies". On the other hand, the other theme is "creating a human resources network that will revitalize Japan." We value the encounters with our customers, partners, and staff, and strive to contribute to a highly global society that is one step ahead of the times by fusing ideas and mutual strengths and continuing to grow together.

We look forward to your continued support and encouragement in the future.

Representative Taka Nagata



■ Head Office:  Tokyo

■ Branch:  Nagano


■Business consultation

■Support for overseas startup to Japan market entry


Business strategy formulation, market research, execution/operation support, investment, M&A, etc.


Target business fields:

Automotive-related and electronics


Target technical fields:

Human machine interface (Touch technology etc.) Image processing, Display technology, Wireless communication, New materials (carbon nanotubes, etc.)

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